~on Karma~

I’ve been thinking lately about Karma. Listening to the universe…paying attention to signs. Things that speak to me. Living juicy, as Sark recommends. I’d much rather live this way, true to myself, than live under false pretenses. Skeptics can continue being skeptical (Do what you’ve always done, get what you always got, as the saying goes); I know what works for me. J

When I posted the following quote on my Facebook page … :

Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it. –Unknown

That’s what I was getting at. The more we are true to ourselves and follow our instincts, the better things get. I believe this fully. The more I act from the place of listening to the universe, or simply what life has to tell me in the moment, the more improvements I see, because I’m doing what I’ve been put here to do. I believe everyone was put here for a reason, and in many cases, lots of reasons. We are all here to learn, collectively, and the more we open ourselves to this learning, the better things get, because we are creating the world we want to see. We are literally being the change we wish to see in the world, as Gandhi so wisely advised.

Today, I noticed someone behind me in traffic who seemed to be on the same path as me. Made the same 3 turns I did, the last one into the coffee drive-through. Nope, not stalking me.:) So I contributed $3 towards her purchase. The cashier asked me if the woman had let me in, in traffic or something. I said no, I was doing it just because. (Not an original idea; these pay-it-forward … or pay it behind you, as it were, instances, which have caught on in record numbers and made the news on occasion…So refreshing, to witness such waves of kindness, don’t you think?).

Anywho, she said: “Go buy a lottery ticket. Good Karma.”

I replied: “I will.”

As I drove off, I saw the woman smiling at me. If that wasn’t reward enough, I did go and buy some scratch tickets. I spent $10, and won $65.

…What goes around definitely does come around. Blessings to you, blog readers.

Much love,



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