After you have shed the unnecessary objects/energy in your life (see previous Bruce Lee quote-inspired blog), Ninja Nanny recommends doing what you can to feel positive every day. Too often, people wallow in the despair of their current circumstances instead of getting up, getting active and doing something they LOVE to do. Even if they know it’ll make them feel better, they just sit and wallow. We all have days like that…but we shouldn’t. Each day is a gift and has magic waiting for us, if we’ll only look hard enough to find it. If you’re going to sit, sit and dream and visualize. It’s much more fun, and productive!

If it’s money woes (and we’ve all been there), there are many things you can still do which are FREE.

Take a free dance class. They are offered occasionally. I’m taking one tonight. 🙂  


Rearrange your furniture.


Go hiking.


Clean out your closet. (Find things you thought you lost, in there!)

Etc! (There is so much…I could go on and on. But I won’t…I don’t have time:).

If you can’t stimulate the economy, window shop. Take note of the things you’ll be able to get when the cash is flowing again. It keeps you moving and your mind on prosperity.

So much can be changed by getting up, getting busy and getting outside yourself and into the world. We tend to be bogged down by “grownup problems” when really we should be getting excited each day like kids do. It’s a new day, a new dawn. Embrace it. GO!


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