Leap & the net will appear…

Happy Leap Day! February 29th only happens once every four years, so it’s special. If you’re a baby born today, you’re a miracle. (And if you are a baby actually reading this blog, you’re even more of a miracle…a wunderkind!) ūüėČ

Americans appreciate instant gratification, typically, from fast food to fast cash to fast cars to…well, you get the idea. Ninja Nanny (that’s me) likes that, but also feels it can be fun to slow things down on occasion. I enjoy traditions and customs, and celebrate the heck out of those whenever I get the chance. So be present with me in this moment, to observe this day we won’t see again for four years!

Traditionally, Feb. 29th was the day that women were given the opportunity to propose marriage to men.
This custom started in Ireland and continued throughout the centuries. 
They even made a movie about it a few years back, called (wait for it…) Leap Year! (Imagine that). Have you seen it? Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, John Lithgow…if not, go Wiki &/or Google it now and watch the trailer. I’ll wait. It’s one of the sweetest romantic comedies ever, and you get to see the Irish countryside to boot. Woot! Anyway, the reason for the custom is because February 29th is a day that doesn’t normally belong on the calendar.¬†
It’s an extraordinary day when the normal rules do not apply!~! Are you hearing this? “NORMAL RULES DO NOT APPLY!” Zomg!
On this day, you have the chance to break free from your old constraints and start something new. 
Superstition also says that leap years are good for starting new business ventures, and starting them on Feb 29th itself is supposed to be even luckier!!

They say that love is a leap. So if you go in that direction, where will you be leaping? Otherwise, what¬†will you start today? How will you break the rules*? (*within reason of course, don’t go out and break the law or anything!) There’s nothing wrong with getting a little wild and crazy once in a while. It lets you feel truly alive! So log off this computer immediately and go DO something! Or wait a few minutes and leave a comment under this blog instead. What does your soul crave? Ninja Nanny wants to know.¬†

Peace, love, & roundhouse kicks! -NN




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