How to Swim

(Note: this blog won’t really teach one how to swim in the literal sense, it’s metaphorical. Also, the opinions herein are simply those of one small person on this huge planet. Please feel free to express yours in your own blog).

One might think it’s fun to wade safely in the shallow end of the life pool forever, and that as long as everything looks perfect on the surface, all problems will be magically smoothed away.

I beg to differ. If you dive in deep, in life, there is much to be discovered: gems, jewels, various and sundry hidden treasure. If the waves are churning on the surface, that means things are churning about underneath as well. It may be a shaky ride and it may take a bit longer, but you’ll get more bang for your buck in the end, because it will be so much rewarding when things ARE put in place.

People are flawed. This excludes no one. But those who believe that surface-perfect solves anything will always be lonely unless they change their ways. They’ll always seek out the most flawless friends. But as a wise woman once said, “A pretty picture is always put in place to cover up shit.” (Thank you MR for that).

When you look at a magazine cover with a glossy, airbrushed model on the front, you don’t see the depth and dimension of their life, or what they go through on a daily basis, you just a flat surface. It paints the wrong picture, of glamour and a rockstar lifestyle of champagne wishes and caviar dreams that many yearn for. It’s false. Everyone has problems, and in my experience I have found that Nothing is ever what it seems on the surface; it is only when taken out of perspective that perfection is possible. We’re all put here to learn, and denying what you may learn by turning your back on an experience will get you nowhere fast.

Therefore, I root for the underdog and seek out the deepest depths, and recommend doing this also.


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