The Open Road

At certain times in life, specifically when in transition, we need to allow ourselves space and room to breathe. If we can’t achieve that where we are, or if it’s tough because of distractions, we must travel to where we can feel that sense of whatever is “enough space.”

This past weekend, I had that chance. The open road was like a friend I hadn’t seen in a while opening its arms and welcoming me in for a hug. I visited places where there was so much going on, which was good fun. I also visited wide open spaces, and in those spaces for me was the cure-all, because from there, I could reach out and touch the soul of the universe, the source, and check in with myself.

It is a writer’s thing, a creative soul’s desire and need, to free oneself from constraints every so often. But it is also a human thing: essential to peace of mind to let go of what others believe you should be doing and get back to yourself.

For me, it means being able to look for miles with no buildings interrupting the view. It means seeing rivers and big, big sky…mountains in the distance and some happy little trees. It means being with someone who needs that too and who gets it, and being so grateful for that person’s presence, whether in silence or in conversation. It’s that moment before you fall blissfully to sleep, or in yoga when you find your true relaxed breath, or after a swim or a run or a bike ride when you reach that high. Elation. Elevation. Mini-vacation. Perspective from a different place.

How does it look to you?

Essential to being is to feel and find your soul’s purpose on this planet, and if you get off track, to return to it. Sometimes that means leaving the hustle and bustle behind for a while. Perhaps I’ll see you out there on the open road, someday.

Peace, love and roundhouse kicks!



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