Map Out Your Year!


Don’t you just love the feeling of a brand new year? It feels good — different — fresh. If you’re feeling this, you can ride the wave and use this burst of energy to accomplish big things.

Instead of living life day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and seeing what comes your way, why not try planning out your 2013. By all means, do things YOUR way! If things have been ideal for you thus far, don’t change a thing. If you plan things out already, don’t let me stop you! But: if you need suggestions, here they are for you. These are my steps.

1. Delineate your goals.

If you have new year’s resolutions, dreams, hopes, plans and wishes for this year, don’t just think about them. Write Them Down! There is a lot of power in writing, whether it’s with a pen, a Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencil, a crayon, a sharpie, or using a keyboard. Most of us have resolutions but then they somehow fade away during the coming months, and by the next December, we wonder what the blazes ever happened to all the things we wanted to do and accomplish, and how another year slipped by so quickly. The sooner you write these aspirations out, the better off you’ll be in the overall goal of not forgetting them!

If you don’t dig writing, the alternative is to do a dream or vision board. Cut out pictures from magazines of how you want your life to look, and put them in a collage! This could cover anything from job changes, body issues/going to the gym, where you want to live if you’re not happy, and anything to motivate you towards your goals. Get as creative as you like, here. Just don’t steal magazines from a doctor’s office or a coffee shop because they probably wouldn’t appreciate that too much.

One more thing you could do is fill out a white board. Whether it’s blank or the kind with a calendar–whatever works best for you. Just remember to use dry erase markers and not permanent ones.

2. Post Those Goals!

Post them in a place you’ll see them regularly: the fridge, above your desk, your bathroom mirror, Wherever! They are YOUR goals; own them! If you do dream boards, keep them up. If you write them down, check them off as you accomplish each one, or give yourself stars for completing each step of your goal.

3. Make Target Dates

Along with your goal sheet or dream board, keep in mind how long it should take you to accomplish each thing and jot it down somewhere, i.e. a calendar (that you keep hanging near where your goals are posted). Fill out each week or month according to what you want to be doing in that timeframe.

Personally, I have goals related to fitness, my businesses, my relationship and my social life (not necessarily in that order) that I want to keep track of. I have a HUGE to-do list, and I can’t keep it all inside my head, much less the deadlines for each goal. Having those visible reminders is key.

4. Visualize 

Take a few minutes each day to zone out and visualize the end result of all your hard work. Not only is this a daily reward and a balance to all the things you’re accomplishing, it’s also very powerful stuff. Close your eyes, visualize success in terms of your goal, see it, smell it, taste it, feel it. If you want a new car, for instance, figure out how you’ll afford it and then step into it in your mind’s eye as if you already own it: how does it look, smell, and feel? How does it feel to drive? Who is with you? Where are you going? It’s all up to you! This technique can be used for a house you want, a level of fitness you desire, a career goal, or really anything.

My wish for you this New Year’s Day is that these ideas help you materialize your goals, and most importantly to feel in control of your own life. If you already do some or all of these things, more power to you and I welcome your own suggestions in the comments on what YOU do to organize, motivate, and accomplish! If not, my best advice is to start small. Try a tiny goal that will take a day or less, such as cleaning out your car or clearing the clutter in your room. Also: give yourself a break–literally. When you’ve accomplished a goal, large or small, reward yourself with something you want to do. Increase the size of the reward with the size of the finished goal. You’ll be on your way to your best year yet, accomplishing goals left and right.

If you know someone who could benefit from this blog, I encourage you to share it abundantly.

To your goals and dreams, and your success in achieving them — Cheers!

Stay strong,



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