Things I really really like…in no particular order.

People you meet who want to know what makes you tick and share what makes THEM tick, and the all night conversations that sometimes come from such encounters. Ghost stories. Love stories. The sound of waves. Lots of color on walls, whether paint or art. The feeling of a big bear hug. My cat’s purr. Overhearing someone saying something NICE about someone else. Kissing. Coffee. Compliments. Cookies. Especially fresh peanut butter ones. People who go out of their way to do something that ends up taking your breath away when it’s done. Paying it forward and walking away without hope of a reward. Exercise highs, natural highs, epic evenings after self-induced highs. Loud music that just works. Cleaning a whole house while listening to said loud music. Days when it looks like it’ll rain but then sunshine takes over. Spontaneity and spontaneous trips. A good mystery and a good cup of hot chocolate together. The Central Market. Making jewelry. Dancing. A salad with tons of yumminess in it. Drumming. Learning an art you haven’t tried before. Fresh squeezed juice. Swimming in the summer. Crying because you miss someone so much when a certain song comes on that reminds you of them. Maya Angelou. Sweet-ish red wine. Dark chocolate. Hell, any kind of chocolate. Finding new ways to cook foods you’ve had already but in different combinations. Secret passageways, tree houses, trampolines, tire swings, rope swings over water, hammocks. Stories about people doing what they love and flourishing in whatever that is. Stories about survivors. Movies that make you think long after they’re over. Barbecues, old fashioned picnics, meaningful text messages, stupid hilarious random text messages, boating, sandy beaches, seemingly random but truly cosmic encounters. Portland, Oregon. Oregon coast. Auckland, New Zealand. Hiking. Massages. Sangria in Spain. London. Ellensburg. Road trips. New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Reunions. Manette Side Bar. Barnes ‘N Noble. Spiral staircases. Baths. Surprises. Planting trees. Singing. Camping. Doing martial arts. Doing yoga. Camping. Thunder storms. Dressing up for a night on the town. Casual day (or week…if the boss is on vacation) at work. Post Alley. Seeing people you know from home in Europe or Hawaii or some other place far from home. Havarti with dill. Spoken word poetry. Speaking French and Spanish. Good vibes.


-I wrote this on May 19, 2009. Sometimes it’s good to get back in touch with ourselves. 🙂


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