What IS a Ninja Nanny, anyway??

Recently I was asked what a Ninja Nanny was, by someone who hadn’t yet read Ninja Nanny: The Beginning or Ninja Mommy: Maritime Magic.

Well, others may have different definitions. In the UK, a granny is often referred to as a nanny. In the US however, a nanny is that person who watches someone’s kids. In this case, with the word NINJA in front of it, she is a total badass.

A badass with lots going on, that is…so, in the first book, she’s trying to figure it all out.

Ninja Nanny is not your typical superhero. She doesn’t wear a cape. She can help you escape your reality for a while for a while with her autobiography of awesomeness. The main character, Natalie Newport, first has to figure out if her love interest, a smokin’ hot firefighter, is interested back. She goes on a road trip with her best friend to try to clear her head, and they have fun and all, but it seems that the road trip only adds to her confusion about what she’s supposed to do, because everywhere they go, firefighters appear.

When she returns, the murkiness of Natalie’s love department clears up, due to some assertiveness on her part (and that’s fun) but then she starts a new nanny job and begins to have visions and her cat starts speaking to her. So now she thinks she might be going bonkers. Good thing she has her martial arts training to help release the tension. But then her trainer Jin (who trains her in a secret dojo in the basement of the gym) tells her she might just have superpowers, and she realizes her true destiny. Her life is forever changed.

As the author of this book and the upcoming sequel, I hope to encourage young women to be strong and rely on their inner superheroes to be able to solve their own problems.

Hope this clears things up about the book. The second is an enjoyable adventure involving pirates and such.  


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