Praise for NN

After reading this book: you will never ever want to be a nanny, but you will want to be a ninja! Ninja Nanny is non-stop adventure and pure awesomeness.
Christian Mollitor, author of Chimneys: a ghost story

Join Natalie Newport, aka the Ninja Nanny, as she discovers her hidden talents and superpowers, and falls in love. You’ll likely fall in love with her in the process.
–Rebecca Shupe, Author of
Choosing Your Harmony: Embracing This Journey We Call Life

This book is all about being faced with challenges (hurdles) and overcoming (jumping) them. It appeals to the inner ninja in us all.
–Brett Clay, Author of Selling Change

Inside this delicious book, you will find firefighters, talking cats, and absolute mayhem…but it all leads to a place of tranquility.
– Frank Reed , Author of In God We Trust: Dollars & Sense
Somehow, I can sleep more soundly at night, knowing Ninja Nanny is out there, fighting the good fight.
–James Donaldson, author of Standing Above the Crowd
Convertible sports cars, firefighter conventions, talking cats, precocious children, and, of course, caffeine. What more could a reader want?
–BJ Farish, author of Shattering Your Barriers
Holy Shinobi! Newport stealthily and artfully ambushes the reader into recalling and reliving life’s sometimes awkward, resonating and always identifiable universal moments. Small town girl or highly skilled practitioner of ancient craft—either way, this tale is pure omiyage!
–Giovanna Mosca Franklin

2 comments on “Praise for NN

  1. Cathy Lehman says:

    When does the next book come out.

  2. ninjananny says:

    Hi Cathy! The sequel was released on Friday. 🙂 It’s available now on Amazon – Kindle here: and paperback here:


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